2018 Marketini Awards.png

What is this?

Simply put, the Marketini's are a way for you to display your marketing prowess, savvy, and overall greatness.  Enter any of the 10 categories by simply talking about your situation/challenge, objective/goal, strategy/tactics, messaging, and results.  Provide as many entries as your marketing hutzpah allows.  This is a straight up powerful way to compete as only marketers know how: What they know and what they did about it, in that campaign.  

Where to apply?

AMA Tulsa and AMA Oklahoma City are teaming up for this event with AMA Okahoma City handling the entry forms themselves.  AMA Lincoln will be judging the entries so that your work stands completely on it's own.  If you are a not-yet-member-of-AMA-Tulsa-but-am-going-to-join-soon, then you're in luck as anybody can enter!    Start competing and learn more here!