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Become a Marketing Mindreader

  • The Summit Club 15 West 6th Street Tulsa, OK, 74119 United States (map)

Become a Marketing Mindreader

How to Know What Your Coworkers and Customers Really Want

Why do people do what they do, especially when sometimes it seems to make interactions and projects so challenging? Utilizing personality theory and engaging in five simple behaviors, you can transform “trouble customers” into dream clients, unlock hidden productivity in your own workday, say goodbye to conflict with your coworkers, and deliver more value to your clients by truly understanding their customers.

“Accidental Evil” is a term coined by entrepreneur, angel investor, and digital agency founder Casey Cobb to describe a phenomenon that saps organizational and individual effectiveness due to unintentional behaviors that could easily be avoided. Without a proper understanding of why we do the things that we do from a base­ motivation level, we can never truly get ahead of the effects of Accidental Evil.

In this talk, Casey will share experiences and specific insights that help you identify and eliminate Accidental Evil utilizing personality theory—so you can become a more effective
marketer. You’ll learn:

  • How to recognize the four base personality pillars and how they combine to create the
  • personalities around you—without needing a Ph.D. in psychology
  • The core drivers and motivations of each personality type
  • The most effective manner of communication for each personality type
  • How to avoid conflict strategically
  • How to unlock your own hidden potential by understanding your own personality type

Thanks to Casey, you’ll go back to work with concrete ideas that will help you use empathy and an understanding of what makes people “tick” to become a more effective marketer. You will have the tools to truly understand why customers, coworkers, and others in your life behave the way they do.

About the Speaker:

Casey Cobb (@CaseyC) helps organizations thrive by keeping leaders focused on delivering value. Casey believes in testing assumptions early and often — and puts that theory in practice as a software engineer, inventor, angel investor, writer, and speaker. He has co­founded three companies, including digital marketing agency Project Ricochet, and speaks regularly at
conferences, accelerators, and companies on topics ranging from co­founder selection to his popular “Avoiding Accidental Evil” keynote. He’s written 30+ articles on the intersection of technology and management, and gives back as an entrepreneur by advising several software startups. Casey lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife and 3­ year old son.

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